To provide for our children and raise them to WHOLENESS, we need your HELP! Can you sponsor a child or sponsor a portion of a child’s monthly expenses?

Individual persons, churches and groups of friends are invited to sponsor a child on a renewable annual basis. Sponsors regularly receive photographs and information relating to their child.

The reality of the Aids pandemic is that children who are HIV positive have a shortened life expectancy. With financial support from Sponsors we are able to provide the Makaphutu Children with all the essentials for a normal and fruitful life.

A constant flow of visitors from all over the world visit Makaphutu Children’s Village and are impressed with the quality of care experienced by our children. Visitors come expecting to encounter a place of suffering and death, but discover a place of joy, love and blessing. When they see the happy faces, the big smiles, and hear the joyful voices singing and laughing, caring for children living and dying in the shadow of Aids assumes a whole new perspective.

If you would like to become involved in the Sponsor-a-Child programme and receive access to blog updates of your child and photos then please contact the Makaphutu office.


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