Two of our Makaphutu girls performed with their primary school choir to a HUGE audience of 4000 people yesterday at the Makaranga Lodge in Hillcrest, Durban. Our girls did us proud and sang a number of songs alongside the Kearsney College Choir, who recently won 2 Gold medals at the Choir Olympics in the USA.

The event took place on Sunday 29 July 2012 and made the 7pm Television News here in South Africa – Well done…


On Thursday afternoon (14 June 2012) our social worker Nombuso had done a home visit and decided there and then that the children in this home needed to come to Makaphutu immediately- such was their need for care. She called the office and asked that I find some clothes for the boys as they both had nothing. They were both in need of 11-12 year old size clothes. We have a storeroom where we keep donated clothes and so I went through all the bags to see if I could find something for the boys. After looking through every bag in the room I found nothing in their size- there were only extra large men’s clothes, women’s clothes or little girls clothes. I prayed a desperate prayer: “Lord we need clothes- there isn’t time or money to go and buy some and these boys have nothing- what can we do?”

Anyway, I locked up the storeroom and out of the corner of my eye saw a black bag sitting near the door. It had clothes peeping out of the top. The first item I pulled out was- you guessed it- for 11-12 year old boys and the next and the next. In fact the whole bag had only clothes for 11 -12 year old boys and had several matching pairs of things like pyjamas etc.. What an amazing answer to prayer and I am sure I did not see that bag by the door when I went in. Isn’t God good?


 It was with great jubilation that we reattached our mended trampoline mat and the children were once again able to jump with glee. Thank you so much to Jill Simmons who got it fixed for us and just in time for the July Holidays too. Already the children are perfecting their flicks as you can see from the photo!


Friends of the community – donation!

On Thursday the 14th of June we had the wonderful privilege of being able to give a wheelchair to an amazing charity working with the needy in the valley called “Friends of the Community.” Because Makaphutu is well known in the highway area, it is where people will often bring donated goods. Thankfully none of our children need a wheelchair but we knew that Friends of the Community would be able to give it to someone who did. It is wonderful to be in a position to channel and share resources from those who have to those who don’t. This really is part of the vision of the Makaphutu Community Hub, to be able to help and support not just the children in Makaphutu but the whole community around us as well.


Crash!!! and Slide!!!! – That was the sound of our sponsor vehicle when its front wheel-axle snapped! We had just finished delivering food in KwaNyuswa to a few needy families and pre-schools , plus a wheel chair to ‘Friends of the community’ and on the way back to Makaphutu the accident happened. We just praise God that it happened while the vehicle was still driving slowly on a dirt track and that we had no children in the back.

I guess this raises the question? We are really in need  of a new vehicle!


We are excited to announce that we have NEW children joining our Makaphutu family which at the moment means we have 19 boys and 21 girls. Over the next few weeks we will be receiving more children. The new children aged between 3-12 yrs are settling in well and have been accepted into local schools in KwaNyuswa near the village. We also have some brand new house mums who have joined the team to accomodate for all the new children.
If you would like to help by sponsoring a child, please contact the office.


Our Makaphutu children had a FUN day out at Tala Valley Game Reserve which is situated right next door to Lily of the Valley, our partnering organisation. The children loved seeing all the amazing animals and enjoyed a picnic inside the reserve. The experiences and the fun that they had was on every conversation for days after the trip. The Highlights of the day were the amazing Rhinos, which came very close to the vehicles. Some Giraffes were also spotted by the children plus many other beautiful game. Below are a few pictures from the day:


We had a total of eleven children here over the Easter holidays. We kept them busy in the sunshine with water fights, picnics, hiking, soccer, as well as some quality girl time at the shops and movie nights!

Now it is back to school with homework and chore routines. It is nice to have the “family” all back together here as we embark on this new term. As of today, we welcome a new addition to the Makaputu volunteer team: Juliana Nadal.

Juliana is from Brazil and will be assisting with our little ones here for the duration of her time in South Africa (3 months). It is wonderful to see God’s hand at work as He orchestrates His servants here at Makaphutu.

We also have Graeme and Tami Wright who have been volunteering with us on a part-time basis over the last few months. They are praying as to whether God wants them to join the team on a full-time, volunteer basis. They have been helping with Homework Club, Community Outreach and with general runnings of Makaphutu.

Graeme and Tami Wright

Thank you for your support and prayer for us, all our love…

The Makaphutu Family

MARCH 2012 Update…

There are many exciting updates here on the Makaphutu home front. Just last Sunday, thirteen of our children declared their faith in Jesus Christ and were baptized. We gladly welcomed some guests from Hillside Church who came to show their support for our children and take part in the celebration (complete with quiche and cake!)

Tuesday was a big day, beginning with some special visitors all the way from New York (the Song family) who came to tour Makaphutu and the surrounding townships. The Song family was a huge encouragement to our sewing girls, as they purchased our first three completed purses. Zali, being the most advanced in her sewing skills, has been hard at work completing another order for the “Makaphutu purses”.  The girls have taken great initiative with the project, as they have developed a strong sense of identity in being the “Sewing Girls”. We are very excited about the early success of the sewing program and look forward to seeing what God has in store for this ministry.

The Song Family  visiting from NYC

Tuesday night was the long-anticipated talent show at Forest View Primary School, in which our two little dancers (Mbali and Snegugu) competed. The girls and their crew lit up the stage with a hip hop routine.

More news to follow soon…

MARCH 2012

The Makaphutu homework club is now settled into the new venue and is going from strength to strength under the leadership of Wendy Rudd. There are now photos of all the children up on the wall with their names next them which will ensure that new volunteers quickly learn the names of each of the children, and each child has a file of appropriate worksheets that they can work through to improve their skills. The volunteers have identified that reading, maths bonds and tables are a priority as many of the primary school children are weak in these areas, so we are concentrating on improving these in all of the children as well as helping with homework that they are given at school. We look forward to seeing how the extra work the children do will improve their grades in the tests to come. We still definitely need help with the high school students as most of the volunteers feel a bit out of our depth in subjects like maths and science. If anyone feels they can give up an afternoon a week to assist with homework club, please contact Wendy on

 Exciting News- the labels for our purses have arrived and they look amazing! Rachelle approached a label company who agreed to have 1000 embroidered labels made for us free of charge. Now the purses that our teen girls have been busily sewing will have a label sewn into each one which will not only make them look professional but also get the name of Makaphutu out into the wider community. What a way to place value on our creative and talented children.

17 FEBRUARY 2012

Makaphutu Blog Update

Thank you to all those who prayed and worked tirelessly in preparation for our inspection yesterday. It went as well as it possibly could have gone!

Cottage 6 – The NEW Homework

& Media Room!

We had our first official prayer meeting in out newly renovated cottage six last night. God has given us big visions for that building and it’s exciting to see it all coming together.

Last night’s prayer meeting concluded with ten of our children (ages 6-16) giving/ recommitting their lives to Christ. It was such a precious sight to watch them come forward with outstretched hands, inviting Jesus to come live in their hearts. Please pray for these young lives as it is our responsibility to love and disciple them.


Makaphutu Family

16 FEBRUARY 2012

Makaphutu Blog Update

Big praise report: manufacturers have offered to produce 200 free woven labels for our Makaphutu purse line! Stay tuned for photos and updates as production will begin shortly.

Please pray for the inspection today. Pray for favor in the situation and that ultimately we be a witness to the inspectors as the Lord’s presence be made evident at Makaphutu.

Highlighting our students…

Pinkie did wonderfully on her public speech yesterday!
May’s math review test today
Zach’s cricket game in Durban this afternoon


Makaphutu family

Below are some pictures of our sewing room:


 7 FEBRUARY 2012

Makaphutu Blog Update

A new week has begun and the children are back to school and our staff are hard at work. Renovations on cottage six are well underway as we prepare for it’s grand opening/dedication. We are very excited to see God’s hand at work in the new Bible study groups that have now taken effect under the leadership of our base volunteers. Each of the groups have been given a name and will alternate in presenting special dramas at our weekly prayer meetings.

Praise God for a company donation of welding equipment valued at R 45 000! We look forward to all the training and productivity that will be taking place in the welding workshop.

This afternoon, our Zach will be en route to Durban with the Hillcrest High School cricket team for their first game of the season. We  proudly stand behind our young star athlete!

Check in to read our daily updates!


Makaphutu family


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  2. Paul and Ann-Marie Howell

    Wow, this is amazing! Praise God for your faithfulness!
    Love Paul and Ann-Marie Howell (London, UK)

    May 28, 2012 at 7:19 pm

    • Thanks Guys, you are our heroes from London!

      May 30, 2012 at 1:20 pm

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